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Hey, duckies, I'm Danielle! I'm a Christian who sings opera. This blog is filled with pretty stuff, anime, video games, my ramblings, feminism, music, and the lulz. Warning: May be too awesome for small children and pregnant women.

I love music the way Haru Nanase loves water. I ship myself with Schubert and we're my OTP. If I could marry the cello, I would.

Fandoms include but are not limited to Bleach, Zelda, Portal, Adventure Time, Incarceron, swimming anime boys, the MCU, and Game Grumps.

All pictures and gifs are not mine unless otherwise specified.

Question goes where?

is Daniel Waters ever going to write another Generation Dead book? because he kind of left us hanging with Passing Strange.  and I love those crazy kids.

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    Confession: me too!! Like i suspected she was gay but deep in me i wanted her to be with tak hehe
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    that would’ve been superior. ok so confession, I still ship Karen with Tak.