Warning: Combustible Lemons Ahead

Hey, duckies, I'm Danielle! I'm a Christian who sings opera. This blog is filled with pretty stuff, anime, video games, my ramblings, music, and the lulz. Warning: May be too awesome for small children and pregnant women.

I love music the way Haru Nanase loves water. I ship myself with Schubert and we're my OTP. If I could marry the cello, I would.

Fandoms include but are not limited to Bleach, Zelda, Portal, Adventure Time, Incarceron, swimming anime boys, the Avengers, Game Grumps, and Benedict Cumberbatch's voice. I am now one of Winter's Children.

All pictures and gifs are not mine unless otherwise specified.

Question goes where?

maybe we’re all a little bit sad

a little bit insecure

maybe that’s why we relate too

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